VCW – Value Creation Wheel ®

VCW- Value Creation Wheel is a real-life problem solving framework which helps to solve the priority challenges and problems of organizations, governments, societies, and individuals.

The VCW results from two decades of partnerships across the world. It has been applied as a problem-solving tool in companies across different sectors (from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies), public policy projects (from rebranding of cities until the creation of innovation cities), and over 20 schools across different countries specialized in different fields (e.g., business, medical, biotech, engineering and technology, law, and science schools).

The VCW uses the input from internal and external stakeholders to discover implementable solutions (Go/No-Go). Compared to other problem-solving tools, the VCW offers unique features at different levels: a) promotes team building with internal stakeholders, while involving supportive and/or skeptical people, b) supports innovation involving external stakeholders, c) requires the commitment of key decision makers on critical steps, d) is both agile and structured, e) separates ideas/solutions from filters/criteria, f) is a transversal meta-framework proven in innumerous contexts, and g) presents a MAP approach (Maximize, Analyze, Prioritize) to find the best value proposition and solution.

In order to achieve the best possible result, the VCW is a meta-framework which can partner and/or integrate existing solutions, established tools or other frameworks (e.g., 5Whys, situational analysis, RELQUAL, brainwriting, brainstorming, design thinking, scorecards, SERPVAL, strategic triangle, SCAMPER, business model, KPIs). The VCW tipically uses partners across the globe in order to be customised to each specific case. Please contact us if you wish to partner with us to develop a customised solution for your specific needs.


How to maximize the individual’s potential while ensuring the participation of different partners / stakeholders?

How to manage different groups in complex situations, while sharing responsibilities and outcomes?
How to stimulate the generation of numerous ideas and then converge to the final solution(s)?

How to combine innovation and strategy, while integrating new and established tools?
How to involve different stakeholders?

How to engage people with different perspectives, while preserving the vision of the key decision makers?
How to incorporate different and/or conflicting perspectives and benefit from their input?

How to include C-Level and avoid hierarchy to kill individual creativity?
How to develop a strategy which allows benefiting from economies of scale while satisfying local needs (GloCal Vision)?

How to make a project grow (e.g., via new products or new markets) while preserving inheritances and cultural identities?

Luis Filipe LAGES explains  Why? What? How?

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Meet the VCW creator


Luis Filipe LAGES is Full Professor (Catedrático) at Nova SBE, Portugal […]
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This video presents the highlights of the VCW Conference. Over 20 speakers presented VCW problem-solving cases and/or discussed the importance of VCW for practice, public policy making and theory.
We can bring some of the ideas coming from the VCW methodology, not only for business and market, but also for public policies and health.
Pedro Pita Barros, NOVA Health | Vice Chancellor of Universidade Nova de Lisboa
One of the advantages of the VCW is to help to anticipate, identify and evaluate impact.
João Viana Ferreira , EVERIS | Director
The VCW allows us to focus on the problem and analyze possible solutions from various sources, while enabling constant adjustments. The VCW can be used permanently in the organization to feed the innovation network.
Nuno Ferreira, INCM | Head of Section
The Value Creation Wheel model is very useful to understand reality, to model it, and then to use it for policies and policy making.
Peter Villax , HOVIONE | CEO
With the VCW we got fresh and out-of-the-box ideas. We can replicate the process to other products and services.
Aurélio Duarte, CLARANET | Marketing Manager
The path that this project has indicated will be implemented in the future new business plan for the company.
Marta Lopes, JMD | New Business Manager
I think innovation for the future should be much more methodical and method for innovation is exactly what the VCW is about.
Daniel Traça, Nova SBE | Dean
The VCW is a methodology that helps to focus in every aspect of a project, company or organization within the scope of problem-solving. With the VCW we can develop solutions regardless of any constraints.
João Valente, SURF Portugal | CEO

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