SenSyf – Earth satellite observation

Deimos is a R&D company composed fundamentally by top-engineers that are specialised on the development of technological solutions within the space engineering sector.  For many years, the main sources of funding for Deimos were the European Space Agency (ESA) and EUMETSAT. However, in order to receive EU funds, the European Commission is asking from companies to identify the most promising markets for their technologies. This tech-led company is now facing a major challenge: How to bring breakthrough technologies that are in the shelf to the market?

In order to solve this challenge Deimos applies the VCW to identify the market application with the highest potential for SenSyf, a system that has the potential to use earth satellite observation data for a wide range of purposes.

First, it was gathered specific knowledge about the value chain. While building on a cloud computing technology, it was identified the strategic positioning of SenSyf, namely how the solution could be valued by the market, its communication strategy and technological improvements.

Second, in order to obtain the largest number of applications and filters, it was carried out a market research followed by discussions with a wide range of stakeholders. This effort had identified 55 potential new market applications and 49 filters to identify the ideal target market. On third stage, the input from the board was critical to purify and identify the applications and rank the filters with the highest potential. Fourth, after the application the Value Creation Funnel, agriculture was identified has the target market and the specificities of the new SenSyfLand service were specified. The project concludes with the definition of the value proposition and respective business plan.

In conclusion, the application of the VCW to SenSyf, allowed Deimos to identify a new service for a raw technology. This process benefited from the input of several critical stakeholders (e.g., customers, public authorities, researchers) who allowed identifying the benefits and obstacles related with the adoption of SenSyf technology in different markets. Finally, the application of the VCW allowed the company to involve different employees into the innovation process and this way contributed to move Deimos’ organizational culture from a tech-push orientation to a more hybrid-one, where it became possible to match tech-push with market-pull perspectives.