INCM – The spread of a culture of innovation

The Portuguese Mint (INCM-Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda) is probably the oldest manufacturing establishment in the country, operating since the end of the thirteenth century. During the last seven centuries the company had the capability to reinvent itself. In order to address the new challenges of the 21st Century, INCM has applied the VCW build an innovation culture inside the organization.

Moreover, in order to engage different stakeholders in the new innovation ecosystem, the VCW developed a pilot project in partnership with Everis with the goal of finding out how to cut costs while creating value and making this organization more efficient. The pilot project led to the implementation of four new projects.

Nowadays, INCM is using the VCW to address new challenges and as a critical tool to consolidate an innovation culture through the entire organization. INCM’s innovation ecosystem allows involving all the different stakeholders to generate ideas, identify the criteria to evaluate the most pertinent ones, and to present a set of solutions to address the initial challenge.