Organized by the VCW / Nova SBE in partnership with Nova Saude / UNL

Dear Nova SBE Friends and Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that all the videos of all the presentations at the VCW-VALUE CREATION WHEEL CONFERENCE held at Reitoria of UNL are now available in the VCW Youtube hannel.


(Please click in the links to watch the videos)


Pedro Pita Barros – Nova Saúde & Vice-Chancellor of UNL

Manuel Caldeira Cabral – Portuguese Minister of Economy


Panel: The Value Creation Wheel: Why? What? How?

Daniel Traça – Dean of Nova SBE-UNL

Luis Filipe Lages- Creator of the VCW, Nova SBE- Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Panel: The Value Creation Wheel at Universidade Nova de Lisboa:
The cases of NOVA MS, Nova SBE, ITQB, ENSP & Nova Doctoral School

VCW applied to a tech company in the healthcare sector: Whymob – Henrique Ahnfelt and Miguel Paulino / Whymob Nova SBE

How to use the VCW to involve doctors in the outcomes research lab of IPO-Porto Hospital? – Marina Borges / ENSP NOVA, Nova Doctoral School, IPO-Porto

Applications of the VCW at Nova MS & ITQB:

VCW as a way to support innovation & entrepreneurship at Nova Medical School – António Jacinto / Vice-Dean of NOVA Medical School

Technology-Transfer at ITQB: A road to pursue (starts: 5m40s) – Margarida Oliveira: Vice Dean of ITQB

VCW applied to Sugar Alert (starts: 8m30s) – Davide Ribeiro da Cruz and Sofia Carvalho / ITQB | Raquel Vinhas UCIBIO – FCTUNL

Application of the VCW to FitMOVEit: balancing work with healthy life-style. Mafalda Dias, Marta Estrada and João Vidigal / ITQB


Panel: Value creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, and internationalization

Creating ideas, innovations and businesses – Peter Villax / Hovione & Hovione Capital

Genetically informed medicine – Nuno Arantes-Oliveira / Coimbra Genomics

Healthcare City by Nova Medical School: Nuno Carvalho / Healthcare City

Patient Innovation Platform & User-led innovation – Pedro Oliveira / Católica School of Business and Economics

The dot that gives innovative balance and meaning to the life – Maria Júlia Nunes / InSoul

Connecting the Wheel of Non-Conventional Medicine and Conventional Medicine – Marta Bicho / ISCTE



The importance of the Value Creation Wheel in Healthcare – Manuel Delgado / Portuguese Secretary of State of Health