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The VCW Center@Nova is currently hosting students.

The VCW Center @Nova at Nova School of Business and Economics enables students (undegraduates and graduates) from different fields to have a unique experience at Nova SBE Ecosystem.                                          .

How does the VCW Internship program work?

  • The VCW Center @Nova hosts students and match each student and project.
  • The VCW Center @Nova, since it is a transversal knowledge center in the field of Innovation and Value Creation, it has the capability to host students from all different areas ranging from aerospace to zoology.
  • Activities within the VCW Center @Nova and projects are designed to align the skills and interests of the student with the needs of the VCW Center @Nova. In some of these projects students will work closely with our partners in the Nova SBE campus.
  • Internships occur throughout the year (1-6 months) and typically last 3 months during the summer.
  • Upon return, students submit reports and serve as Ambassadors for the VCW Center @Nova.
  • VCW Center @Nova provides office space but does not provide a stipend to cover internship costs.
  • The student and/or educational institution should cover student’s insurance.
  • Many students continue collaboration with VCW Center @Nova after completing the internship.

If you are a student or an educational institution, please contact Professor Luis Filipe Lages ( who will link you to Nova SBE HRM department.

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Why? What? How?
The VCW’s GloCal Vision platform finds positive solutions to solve global and local problems in society. This platform was initiated in 2012.
The VCW’s DIANA is a meta theoretical framework, which incorporates inputs from over 20 years of research. In addition, DIANA allows the easy integration of other theories, innovation practices, functional frameworks and specialized tools.
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