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The VCW’s GloCal Vision platform finds positive solutions to solve global and local problems in society. This platform was initiated in 2012.
The VCW’s DIANA is a meta theoretical framework, which incorporates inputs from over 20 years of research. In addition, DIANA allows the easy integration of other theories, innovation practices, functional frameworks and specialized tools.
The Vice-Chancellor of Nova University of Lisbon about the VCW
Minister of Economy at VCW Conference
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Case Study- Reinventing a Professional Career
Case Study- FitMoveIt Technological Platform
Case Study- VCW addresses today’s challenges of the Media sector
Theoretical and managerial implications of a VCW project
Case Study- VCW finds new market opportunities in the Surfing sector
Case Study- VCW applied to the challenges of a small start-up

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Journal of Engineering and Technology Management

The Lag-User Method: Using laggards as a source of innovative ideas